What leaders are saying about The Great Exchange

“Every so often, a metaphor comes across my desk that has lasting impact.  The concept of the ‘exchange zone’ in The Great Exchange is just such a metaphor.  It has impacted how I think of every personal and ministry relationship that God has placed in my life.  I have a limited window to make a lasting impact, and not a single step should be wasted.  I highly recommend this book by Terry Bone.  The Great Exchange was written by a man who is actually living it.”

Darin Latham - Lead Pastor, Broadway Church

“I couldn’t put it down. Our success will be found in the exchange of gifts, anointing and calling to the next generation of leaders and family. This book hits home.”

Paul Maines - Church Ministries Pastor, Lakemount Worship Centre

"Terry is providing strategies to move the kingdom forward when the majority seem content passing judgement between generations.
The Great Exchange comes at a crucial time for a church filled with leaders unsure how to properly enable the next generation to RUN."

Jake Nicolle, Business Owner and Novel Podcast Host

“Many churches are struggling to survive, let alone thrive. The baton of leadership has not been passed well. Terry’s words give us courage to focus our efforts on that which is most important for the church today and tomorrow”

Phil Spoelstra - Assistant Superintendent for Revitalization, PAOC

“The Great Exchange is both profound and practical. It’s a must read for pastors & parents and all those who are passionate about the next generation.“

Nathan Albrecht , Lead Pastor Lakepoint Church

“The season is NOW for this book. This message is profound and must get ‘out there'!"

Joy Clarke - Senior Pastor, Core Church

“The Baton is such an excellent life metaphor. It redefines what it means to ‘finish well’ as a leader.”

Todd Pratt - Lead Pastor, Gospel Chapel

“Terry unpacks truths that give team work an awesomely refreshing boost.”

Clyde Williamson - First Century Foundations

"‘when differing generations meet in the ‘exchange zone’ of life, destinies converge and dreams are fulfilled"