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In a relay race the one holding the baton also holds the aspirations of the entire team.
The race is won or lost in the ‘exchange zone’ where the baton is passed from one runner to the next.

We all pass through exchange zones in life, times when crucial insights are given and received. We need to know what to do when we get there.

Author Terry Bone takes profound truths about transitions and makes them easily accessible to the reader.

‘The Season is NOW for this book, this message must get ‘out there’

Joy C. Senior Pastor

‘Terry redefines what it means for a Leader to finish well’

Todd P. Lead Pastor

‘The concept of the exchange zone has impacted how I think of every relationship in my life.'

Darin L. Lead Pastor

‘I couldn’t put it down. Our success is found in the exchange zone with the next generation’

Paul M. Church Ministries Pastor

"The Great Exchange comes at a crucial time for leaders unsure how to properly enable the next generation to RUN”

Jake N. Business Owner

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PART ONE Discovery
Summary of Part One 17
ch 1 Your Amazing Race 19
ch 2 World Shapers on the Way 31
ch 3 A Thousand Generations 41
ch 4 When God Closes the Gap 51

PART TWO From Destiny to Dynasty
Summary of Part Two 65
ch 5 Know Your Battle 67
ch 6 The Pioneer Generation 75
ch 7 The Bridge Generation 83
ch 8 The Occupier Generation 91
PART THREE The Exchange Zone

Summary of Part Three 97
ch 9 Drop the Bag! 99
ch 10 Know Your Anointing 107
ch 11 Timing is Everything 115
ch 12 Other-Centered Living 123
ch 13 Next, Please 131

PART FOUR An Unstoppable Life
Summary of Part Four 139
ch 14 When God Makes a Promise 141
ch 15 Telling Your Story 153
ch 16 Unstoppable Prayers 163
ch 17 The ‘Anchor Leg’ 173

Appendix The Power of Three in a Row 179
About the Author Terry Bone 182


Your Amazing Race

Definition of a Relay race:
A track-and-field sport consisting of a set number of stages (legs), usually four, each leg run by a different member of a team…The runner finishing one leg is usually required to pass on a baton to the next runner while both are running in a marked exchange zone.1

Everyone loves a good race. As a young adult in the 1980s, I was in awe of the ‘Golden Milers’, an elite group of athletes who constantly set new world records for running the mile. But my favourite was the 26 mile marathon. It seemed so extreme.

Not so any longer. Since the ‘X Games’2 debuted in 1995, racing events have been getting longer, wilder and more dangerous. Pounding the pavement for 3 hours? Barely worth being called a marathon anymore. Now we have week-long mountain Death Races and Peruvian Jungle runs where broken limbs are optional but not unexpected. And how about the ‘Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon’, a 300 mile winter endurance footrace in which you pull your own supply sled? In 2018, twenty-one people began the race in temperatures below -40C/F. Eleven days later, exactly one person crossed the finish line. The rest dropped out, losing not only the race, but also toes, fingers and even whole feet to frostbite.3 In spite of such stories, new extreme races are constantly appearing with no signs of abatement.

I would like to add one more to the list. I refer to it as The Most Amazing Race. Unlike the frantic competitions mentioned above, this unique race offers ample adventure without the broken bones or frostbite. And best of all,

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2 The X Games is an annual extreme sports event hosted, produced, and broadcast by ESPN
3 reported in many news articles such as




you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie or extreme athlete to win! Many people with ordinary abilities have entered with low expectations only to experience the joy of standing upon the medal podium when it’s over. So what is this race? And why is it the most amazing one?

It is the Great Relay Race of Faith. The Christian faith is often described as a ‘walk’ with God. That it is. However, when it comes to fulfilling your destiny, that special purpose for which you have been placed upon this planet, the New Testament seems to prefer the metaphor of running rather than walking. Followers of Jesus are called to emulate great heroes of the faith by running the race that is set before them.4 The Apostle Paul also talked about running his race of faith.5 Today’s preachers use this metaphor to encourage perseverance using catch-phrases such as, ‘Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon’ and, ‘Keep your eyes on the prize, stay focused on Jesus!

A relay race is the only
event where you don’t
have to cross the finish line
to win a medal.

But those messages miss one vital element. This Great Race of Faith and Destiny is not meant to be a series of solo runs where everyone gives it their best shot. It is actually a relay race. That one word makes a fundamental
difference. A relay race is the only event where you don’t have to cross the finish line to win a medal. Wrapped inside that pithy statement are some profound insights that have shaped my personal values and defined my destiny. I refer to them as life-shaping truths. Here are the top three:

Life-Shaping Truth #1
Your personal destiny is not a call to individual greatness - it is a team event.

Your life is not a solo run. Who you are today, what you will accomplish tomorrow and who you will eventually become, are all connected to others

4 Hebrews 12:1-2
5 2 Timothy 4:7


Book Summary
Author Terry R. Bone

Terry R. Bone

Terry is an Author, Leadership Coach and Consultant. He serves church leaders, business persons and missions workers by assisting them to make excellent life transitions. Terry worked as a software systems analyst before becoming an ordained minister.